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Essence of Vitality – Liquid – Glass Bottle

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The Total Body Cleanse – Options: 16 or 32 ounces

This product is a bitter tonic. It will assist in cleansing all internal organs. Try essence for a total body cleansing experience. Many may lose three to six pounds of solid waste. This is not a laxative.

Glass Bottle

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Options: 16 or 32 ounces Glass Bottle – The Total Body Cleanse

Original Formula

This product is a bitter tonic. It will assist in cleansing all internal organs. Try essence for a total body cleansing experience. Many may lose three to six pounds of solid waste. This is not a laxative.

Remember bitter and sweet are opposites. The more the bitter you drink, the less sugar you crave.

Drink at least 32 ounces of water and consume five servings of fruits and vegetables. Try to avoid sugar, caffeine and meats on the days of drinking the tonic.



16 reviews for Essence of Vitality – Liquid – Glass Bottle

  1. (verified owner)

    This product does exactly what it says it will. It works!
    It is bitter but you can get used to it after a while because the benefits outweigh the bad taste.

  2. Meia

    It does exactly what it says. If it’s your first time drinking it. Do it the night before your night off.

  3. Ruthie Dye

    This is THE BEST product I have ever used I have sat aside all other things to focus on essence of vitality the benefit I can’t explain you must try for your self to me the tast is not a factor I can bare it it’s worth the money and all else.


    This Product is perfect for body cleanse. It really works. have been taking this product over 3 years now there is more benefits from this product.

  5. Monet

    I am simply amazed and tell everyone about this product. I just bought a bottle to pull all toxins from constipation.

  6. Terry

    I sampled this tonic in the store. The taste was bitter but subsided within a few minutes. “ The cleansing “ benefits kicked in a few hours later. I was amazed by “the outcome’! My stomach lost a bit of its bloating, I felt lighter and actually lost a pound of what I believe to be waste. I’m headed out to purchase the bottle as I’m looking forward to incorporating this tonic into my lifestyle!

  7. Ms. Green

    I have taken tbe Univeral Mind capusules for a year. It comes in a liquid and capusule form. I cannot express how productive, healthy and lighter I feel. The results are awesome. Proper nutrition is important when taking the product. I feel fantastic.

  8. Dice

    Exactly how the owner from the HERB SHOP of Vinnings described it….lost 5 lbs, lost bloating, and I feel lighter. This will be part of my detox routine when I travel.

  9. Tressa

    OH MY! this product is amazing when I say it rids your body of everything and everybody (lol). Its disgusting but its worth every bit! Thank you

  10. Michelle

    This roots tonic is awesome! It cleanses far more stuff than one can imagine! I have been recommending this tonic to anyone who wants a total body cleanse. The more water you drink- I have noticed that the more I will eliminate. Now go and purchase your bottle!

  11. Brandee Evans (verified owner)

    Standing ovation! I have my entire family on it. It made my mom get rid of mucus, and allows her to be regular without medication. There are honestly too many benefits to name. This changed my life serious. I’ll be purchasing this forever. Thank you Jeff!

  12. Sherry

    DAY #1 … Yes the taste is so bitter but I am going to stick with .. I will keep you guys posted….

  13. Maria

    When the manager asks if you are ‘going home’ then offers you a shot of this stuff…make sure you are going home and staying there! lol i didn’t have the effects everyone has mentioned right that day but let me tell you the next day which is TODAY….smh you better make sure you aren’t going anywhere!! talk about a cleanse!! i will most likely be going back to buy the full bottle and incorporate this into my life. Nasty taste but that peppermint spray did the trick! thanks for letting me try this ! yeah i’m gonna say five pounds HAVE to be gone hahahahaha!!

  14. Laura (verified owner)

    Fast shipping on the product and absolutely stellar customer service from Herb Shop of Vinings with any questions you have. Highly recommend!!

  15. Jacqueline Peoples-Bracy (verified owner)

    Just received mine with superfast shipping. I just tried it and the taste is unlike anything I have ever tasted. I just don’t know what helps with the linger after taste that’s left in your throat. Stay tuned. I’ll do an update 🙂

  16. Bee Shaw (verified owner)

    @Jacqueline Peoples-Bracy, you said all of the words. Just got mine yesterday. Shipping was swift. I mean waiting at the door like, Here I Go ! The taste, I can’t. 🥺 I need help. 😅 I did try lime & shoved my toothbrush down my throat. It finally began to fade. Thanks @Maria for the peppermint idea because I thought the Altoids would be oneliest thing to help me. I didn’t need it. The reviews have me fired 🔥 up and @Brandee Evans, my girl .. aKA xxxxxxxs ,, brought me here from her post. I didn’t throw it away girl! Will be back later ,, 1st Taste, 1st Review, Signing Off !

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