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January 27, 2017
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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Stimerex-ES is the ultimate fat burner.  The formula contains 25mg of Ephedra Extract / ephedrine alkaloids, along with Yohimbe and Green Tea Extract. Stimerex-ES is truly one of the strongest fat burners on the market today.  You get the extreme energy, mental focus, and weight loss you want in a supplement.  You will be able to target spots like abs, thighs, and butt which tend to accumulate body fat most noticeably.  You can lose weight while maintaing lean muscle mass.

Stimerex-ES® is a product you simply MUST TRY if you are having trouble losing weight … whether your weight loss goals involve 5lbs, 25lbs, or even 125lbs.!

Stimerex-ES® is for people who are looking for one product to serve as a fat burner, energy booster, appetite regulator, and natural diuretic.

A unique property of Stimerex-ES® lies in its ability to target and burn fat in the most stubborn areas (the hips, thighs and buttocks)!

This unique pill was formulated out of a strong necessity for a genuine, non-prescription weight loss product. Stimerex-ES is a revolutionary non-prescription weight loss formula with a unique, multi-faceted approach to burning fat. This high-tech pill sets off four significant effects in the body in its goal to help you eliminate fat: 1) It stimulates the body to intensify its fat burning capabilities 2) Suppresses the appetite and curbs unnecessary food cravings 3) Optimizes the body’s overall metabolic functioning 4) Acts as a diuretic to prevent extra water weight.

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